Green Slip Calculator

Before purchasing your green slip, you should compare prices for each of the five green slip insurers using the green slip calculator. You need to compare prices based on your vehicle and your details.

Five insurers are licensed to issue CTP green slips in NSW.

You can make a green slip comparison for each of the green slip insurers, based on your vehicle and details, by clicking on the link above. The link will take you to the green slip calculator on

In addition to green slip prices the green slip calculator will provide information on other benefits which some insurers offer. You will also be provided contact details so that you can complete the process to purchase your green slip.

For most green slip purchasers, the insurer will notify Transport for NSW electronically that you have purchased your green slip.

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Green Slip NSW

Green slip is the term used for compulsory third party insurance in NSW.

Your green slip provides compensation for injured people when your vehicle is involved in an accident. Legislation provides for the amount of compensation and the injuries and losses for which it is payable.

Your greenslip does not cover you for damage to your vehicle or other vehicles, or for damage to property. Your green slip does not cover you for theft of your vehicle.

Green slips are compulsory. You cannot register your vehicle in NSW without first purchasing a green slip. The period of the greenslip must match the period of registration. Subject to requirements, registration may be renewed for passenger vehicles and motorbikes for 6 or 12 months.

Green slip prices vary from insurer to insurer. Many factors affect your green slip price. Factors which affect green slip prices include the type of vehicle, location, current registration status, owner and driver age, driving history and claims history.

Click on the link above for a green slip price comparison.