Your Green Slip Quote

The calculator compares green slip quotes from all five CTP providers in NSW, based on your vehicle and details. It takes only 3-4 minutes to answer the questions and get quotes.

The process is faster if you have information ready before using the greenslip calculator. Your Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) registration renewal notice shows some required details, such as date registration is due, and year of manufacture, make and model of vehicle.

Quotes in the greenslip calculator are the cheapest available for your vehicle and details, providing they are accurate. You cannot get a cheaper quote by shopping around. This is because it is illegal for anyone to further discount the price of your green slip. The price quoted already reflects any discounts given for good driving record or other low risk factors.

If you have been given a cheaper quote elsewhere, then there is something wrong. Contact us.

1. How do I get a green slip quote?

The fastest way to get a quote is to use the greenslip calculator. It takes only 3-4 minutes to use and provides quotes from all five NSW insurers, based on your vehicle and details. These are the cheapest quotes available and you cannot get a cheaper quote by going directly to the insurer or to an agent or broker.

2. Can you get green slip quotes for all vehicle makes and models?

No, the greenslip calculator provides quotes for cars, motorbikes and light vehicles up to 4.5 tonnes gross vehicle mass (GVM), such as utes and light goods vehicles. It cannot offer quotes for trucks above 4.5 tonnes GVM, buses, fleets or taxis. In these cases, contact CTP providers directly for greenslip quotes. A fleet is generally 10 or more vehicles with a common expiry date. A bus is classified as a vehicle with 10 or more seats. Quotes for heavy trucks, buses, fleets or taxis are generally higher than for light vehicles.

Does your vehicle make or model appear to be missing from the greenslip calculator? Always key in Type of Vehicle and Year of Manufacture so the greenslip calculator can identify all vehicle makes or models for that year.

3. How do I choose the best quote?

When choosing the best quote, consider four factors:

  • Who offers the cheapest quote in the greenslip calculator
  • Which insurer is more accessible – not all insurers offer online payments or shopfronts
  • Whether you would like At-Fault Driver Cover
  • Any existing relationship with a CTP provider.

4. What happens when I’ve chosen a quote?

Once you have chosen the best quote, you need to make a payment. All greenslip providers take payments by phone and some accept online payments, especially for renewals. You may be able to pay in person.

You can opt to pay for a period of 6 months, rather than 12 months in most cases. Exceptions are for first registration, lapsed registration or when transferring interstate. The period of a CTP green slip must match the intended period of registration. If you have a 6-month green slip, you must register for 6 months.

5. Can I get a cheaper green slip quote somewhere else?

No, you cannot get a cheaper quote somewhere else. Greenslip prices are regulated, which means insurers are required to submit all prices to the regulator before they can quote them. These prices include all risk and discount factors used by insurers to determine the price. Insurers cannot vary or offer additional discounts on prices submitted to the regulator.

No matter how or where you purchase your greenslip, the price must by law be the same, based on your vehicle and details.

The greenslip calculator uses the latest prices submitted to the regulator by each insurer and provides the cheapest prices available, based on your vehicle and details. If you are offered a cheaper quote by an agent, broker or other person, then there is something wrong. Contact us.