Cheapest Green Slip Prices

If you want cheap green slips, go to the calculator. Just enter accurate details about yourself and your vehicle. The greenslip calculator lists the cheapest prices available from all five green slip providers in NSW, based on your information. It saves you time. You do not have to check prices from each insurer separately or with any other source.

Nobody can offer cheaper prices than the greenslip calculator. The final price already reflects any discounts for factors such as good driving record or existing relationship. This means the greenslip calculator always provides the cheapest greenslip quotes, based on your vehicle and accurate details.


1. How do I get the cheapest price?

The greenslip calculator provides the cheapest green slip prices, based on your vehicle and details. It takes only 3-4 minutes to accurately answer all questions and get prices. An adverse change in your circumstances, such as demerit points on your licence, can make prices more expensive. The greenslip calculator still has the cheapest prices available for your circumstances.

2. Will I get a cheaper green slip if I contact the insurer?

No, you cannot get a cheaper green slip by contacting the insurer directly. This is because the government regulates greenslip prices. Insurers must submit all prices to the regulator before they can quote them. Prices submitted to the regulator include all risk and discount factors insurers use to determine the price.

By law, insurers are not allowed to offer additional discounts or to vary prices from the ones they submit to the regulator. Insurers cannot further discount the price of your green slip because any discounts for favourable details are already reflected in the price.

3. Can I get a cheaper green slip quote from an agent or dealer?

No, you cannot get a cheaper greenslip quote from an agent or dealer. By law, if based correctly on your vehicle and details, insurer prices must be the same, no matter how or where you purchase your green slip.

The greenslip calculator uses the latest prices submitted to the regulator by each insurer and provides the cheapest price available for all five insurers, based on your vehicle and details. If you are aware of an agent or dealer who claims to offer cheaper green slips, there is something wrong. Contact us.

4. Is it cheaper to register for 6 months?

Many people prefer to register their vehicle for 6 months because registration and CTP insurance are expensive and due at the same time. A 12-month green slip is roughly double the cost of a 6-month green slip. Even so, buying a 6-month green slip can make cash flow a little easier.

Remember, there are circumstances when you must register for 12 months, such as first registration of a vehicle, lapsed registration and after transferring from interstate.

5. Do driving offences/accidents affect the price of my greenslip?

Yes, driving offences and accidents where you were at fault, will affect the price of your green slip. Insurers look at all aspects of driver and vehicle that could potentially increase the risk to them. Someone who has more driving offences or was recently at-fault in an accident may appear to be a higher risk.

The greenslip calculator asks about driving offences and at-fault accidents in the recent past. You can improve your risk profile in the future by avoiding driving offences or accidents where possible. This potentially makes your green slip cheaper.

6. Do demerit points stop me from getting cheap green slips?

Yes, demerit points on your licence do raise the price of your green slip. Insurers see demerit points as a potential indicator of risk. Most drivers have a limit of 13 demerit points before their licence can be suspended. Though demerit points do age over time – and cease to count towards suspension – Roads and Maritime Services (the RMS) keeps a record of all offences.

You (and your insurer) can check your demerit points online.

7. Does claiming for GST make my green slip more expensive?

Yes, your green slip is more expensive if you claim for GST. Insurers always have two green slip prices available – one if you claim an input tax credit (GST) and one if you do not claim it. The price of a green slip for drivers claiming for GST is higher. Insurers can charge a higher price because of the added administrative cost to them of handling requirements for GST.

8. Is my greenslip cheaper with an ABN?

No, having an ABN does not make your green slip cheaper. Someone with an ABN may run a business that claims an input tax credit (GST). If you claim for GST, the price of the green slip is higher than if you do not claim for GST. Insurers can charge a higher price because of the added administrative cost.

Many factors affect the price of your green slip, such as type of vehicle, garaging address, or driving record.

9. Does NRMA offer a cheaper price if I have other insurance with them?

Yes, NRMA Insurance does offer a cheaper price, provided you have held eligible policies with them for a number of consecutive years. An NRMA green slip is one of the eligible policies that counts towards a Loyalty Discount on other insurance products offered by NRMA.

10. Is my green slip cheaper without a young driver?

Yes, your green slip is cheaper without a young driver. Unfortunately, young drivers are disproportionately involved in road accidents and green slip prices reflect this substantially higher risk. If your vehicle is sometimes driven by a young driver, your green slip will be more expensive.

Motorists may be tempted to omit or change the age of the youngest driver to lower the price of their green slip. If you give false information and there is an accident, your green slip provider is permitted to take steps to recover the unpaid correct premium and ensure you foot the bill for up to $4,000.

11. Can I get a pensioner discount?

No. There are no insurers currently offering an additional discount for pensioners. The price of your greenslip already includes discounts based on your age, driving experience and claims history.